Grant Kurz
Consultabit, Founder

Grant Kurz is the founder of Consultabit, a software development company integrating AI solutions into companies across multiple industries from finance to marketing.

Grant has experience as a Senior Software Engineer at Syscon International, a leader in automating factories and manufacturers throughout the United States. Grant builds automation and AI solutions at Syscon for companies including Southeastern Container, renowned as one of Coca Cola's most significant bottle producers. He also uses AI to improve developer productivity and work-flow processes.

Grant has been a cryptocurrency investor since January 2017. His first entry into the Bitcoin community was in 2014 helping write Bitwage's alpha press release: The 4 Benefits of Using Bitcoin Payroll. Grant co-launched the Bitcoin Dollar Cost Average Calculator used around the world in over 140 countries. The founder also developed Crypto Scenarios used in over 190 countries.

Grant’s software has been used by over 400,000 people around the world and featured in various news organizations such as Forbes, CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, Nasdaq, and Yahoo Finance.


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Jonathan Chester
Bitwage, CEO

Jonathan Chester is cofounder/CEO of Bitwage, the leading provider of Bitcoin & crypto payroll, invoicing and benefits. Bitwage was founded in 2014 and has processed over $250MM in transactions with over 3,000 registered companies. He was previously the first contributor on forbes for all things bitcoin & blockchain related in the entrepreneurship section (now called small business).

Jonathan also runs Inwage, which is an IT services company that provides technological and advisory support for web3, decentralized applications and permissioned blockchain applications. Inwage built the technology behind the Moria token, which raised $40MM for it's 2017 royalty defi tokens, as well as a POC for tokenizing insurance certificates on a permissioned blockchain for a mid-tier US insurance company.

Jonathan has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, CNN, Cheddar and Coindesk TV. He consulted members of the European Parliament, regarding regulation of the blockchain industry, and dutch banks & regulators at the Amsterdam Institute of Finance. He has keynoted Orange’s biannual corporate summit and spoken at conferences such as Paris Fintech Forum, Viva Technology, Transact15 and Bitcoin 2022.

Sardor Akhmedov
Jafton, Managing Partner

Sardor Akhmedov is a serial tech entrepreneur and a public speaker who currently holds a position as the CRO and managing partner at Jafton.com - The Top Software and App Development Agency in the US.

Jafton's clients include the world's top organizations like Alaska Airlines, Kroger, and Chevron. As well as dozens of venture-backed startups. Jafton has a strong team of over 120 expert developers and designers on staff.

Sardor is also an angel investor who backed companies like Fathom, Assets Grow and Nutra First.

Among other notable achievements are being the youngest member ever of the Forbes Business Council, first Uzbek to join the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, and being the youngest speaker ever to perform on the biggest business forum called Synergy Global and the biggest podcast conference called Podcast Movement where he spoke among people like Mark Cuban, Gary Vee, and Richard Branson.

Sardor is currently based out of Miami, FL, but he comes from Uzbekistan where he grew up aspiring to become an entrepreneur. He first came to the US in 2014 after winning a scholarship to attend a private high school in Granby, MA, after which he attended multiple universities before he dropped out in his second year of college. Sardor is a subject matter expert in IT outsourcing and bootstrapping businesses without capital using a customer-financed funding model


Consultabit and Jafton launch GPTuesday!

Consultabit and Jafton launched GPTuesday on June 6th, 2023.

Grant Kurz spoke on a panel with Bobir Akilkhanov and Sardor Akhmedov, CEO and CRO of Jafton, respectively. Jafton is the largest mobile application development company in Miami. Grant provided his expertise as the AI expert to provide technical insights to the discussion. He spoke about AI from the perspective of a software engineer, complementing Bobir and Sardor's insights utilizing AI in business.

Over 40 people showed up to the first event, and GPTuesday continues to grow to this day. Grant Kurz is excited to push the venture forward to provide AI education and connect people across multiple industries together.

Consultabit Launches ScopeFlash!
Consultabit announces ScopeFlash!

Consultabit launches ScopeFlash, an AI powered language learning application generating flashcards from your foreign language content.

Simply enter the content you're reading, such as a blog, news article, or even the lyrics of your favorite song. Once you enter the text, ScopeFlash’s AI will generate your flashcards, which you can export to Anki or even use ScopeFlash’s study feature!